What is the World Ramen Grand Prix (WRGP)?

The World Ramen Grand Prix is a contest to recognize outstanding, creative ramen recipes from across the world.

It began in 2012 when Chikaranomoto Co., Ltd., the firm that manages Hakata-Ippudo,
ran an in-house contest for the best original ramen dish prepared for a theme they specified.

That first contest was the NWT14 Competition,and the contestants were 14 ramen chefs
from the franchise who had gone independent under the company’s entrepreneurial system.

The second contest, held in 2013, was opened to include
all full- and part-time employees of Chikaranomoto. In 2015, the contest was held for the third time,
inviting participation not only by ramen chefs, but also by everyone who loves delicious ramen.

And in 2017, the Fourth WRGP!
This rapidly evolving event is stirring up excitement internationally, and promises more to come!

Total producer:Kawahara Shigemi

Application procedure

Contest statement

To discover new talent for a new era,
and create bold new ramen

To discover new talent for a new era, and create bold new ramen

The creative ramen contest begun in 2012
This event, supported by not only the ramen industry but indeed the entire food and drink industry,
is open to people everywhere who love ramen, offering them the chance to wield their technique and creativity to make new ramen dishes in accordance with the contest theme.

Entry qualifications

A passion for eating and drinking

※Open to everyone: amateurs and professionals alike
※Able to attend the finals, from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1
※Must have permission from your manager or owner, if any, to participate


・Your approach to your creation, and zeal for the contest itself
・Creativity and expression
・Futuristic element

Entry period

August 1, to Oct. 31, 2017. Must be received by midnight, Oct. 31, 2017.

■Entry theme
“LIMIT600 fromNippon”

“LIMIT 600” is to make ramen noodles, soup, toppings per cup all calories to 600 cal.
“from Japan” is to use products, foodstuffs that make you feel Japan


WRGP finalists will be selected on the basis of written entries, and the winner determined at the Grand Prix Final.

Entry Period

July to October | Written entries accepted

Initial screening

Early Nov. | Jurors will meet to discuss and evaluate written entries

Internet voting

Finalists will be announced for online voting. Votes received are added to point totals at the final competition.

Grand Prix Final

Preparation: Nov. 30 Grand Prix Final: Dec. 1

Grand Prize: Cash prize 10 million yen (pre-tax)

and Special prize


河原 成美 氏
Shigemi Kawahara

有限会社ちばき屋 店主
千葉 憲二 氏
Kenji Chiba

新横浜ラーメン博物館 館長
岩岡 洋志 氏
Youji Iwaoka

八島 且典 氏
Yashima Katsunori

田中 忠明 氏
Tadaaki Tanaka

小西 利行 氏
Toshiyuki Konishi

Haruka Koishihara

Higuchi Shinji

Osaki hiroshi

Eni restaurant 代表
Okuzawa Yuki

and more…
Coming soon

and more…
Coming soon

Entry Form

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